Welcome to the Physical Education department site. This is where you will find information about what we offer during PE lessons at St Philomena’s School, as well as extra-curricular activities, sporting events, fixtures and results.


The PE Curriculum – KS3 

Throughout Key Stage 3&4 our students develop their skills, tactics and knowledge in gymnastics, swimming, netball, football, dance, fitness, cross-country, orienteering, athletics, rounders and tennis. 

In Year 7 students have 4 lessons over 2 weeks and in year 8 and 9, every class has 3 lessons over the 2 weekly timetable. All students complete the cross country course and then take part in different fitness activities. Below is the rotation of sports which students are currently participating in for the Autumn term.


KS3 PE Rotations for the Autumn term 

 Sets Autumn 1

P/A Netball and Dance

S/H Football and Swimming

T/J Tennis and Orienteering

V/M Gymnastics and Fitness

Autumn 2

Gymnastics and Fitness

Netball and Dance

Football and Swimming

Tennis and Orienteering

Spring 1

Tennis and Orienteering

Gymnastics and Fitness

Netball and Dance

Football and Swimming

Spring 2

Football and Swimming

Tennis and Orienteering

Gymnastics and Fitness

Netball and Dance


The PE Curriculum – KS4 

At Key Stage 4 the students participate in a board curriculum developing their competences in a range of activities with a particular focus of ensuring students have a lifelong love of being active. With this in mind, lessons focus on developing life skills, supporting their wellbeing and encouraging them to be deep thinkers. Ultimately this systemic approach provides students with the necessary skills for higher education. 

In Year 10, lessons focus on Competition, Leadership, Sport Education and Performance and Evaluation. In Year 11 the student's lessons focus on outwitting opponents, decision making, creativity and problem solving. The sporting activities which students take part in are the vehicle to learning these skills. 

The choice of activities vary from table tennis, basketball, badminton, netball, dance, fitness, ultimate frisbee, handball, lacrosse, gymnastics, but they all take part in life saving, circuit training, personal safety, outdoor education (orienteering), tennis, athletics and rounders.


Extra Curricular Activities: 

We offer a number of extra-curricular clubs at both lunchtime and after school, providing students with an opportunity to further develop their skills learnt in curriculum time and to experience activities that we are unable to offer in curriculum lessons. 

Most clubs are run by the PE staff, but we also hire coaches for some of the clubs in order to maximise what we can offer.

A number of the clubs provide fantastic opportunities for students to compete for the school, either in local leagues, or nationwide competitions. 

Many thanks for your continued support.


Current PE Extra Curricular Timetable 

Extra Curricular timetable multiple copies 1 

KS3 PE Assessment: Head Heart Hands

What is Head Heart Hands?

Our 9-1 Head Heart Hands assessment is made up of three strands: Head (cognitive),  Heart (social) and Hands (physical). Each strand consists of individual sub-strands that determine the key words for assessment criteria. This holistic development-based model assesses pupils in their physical, social and cognitive Physical Education development. 

What does this look like in PE?

This assessment will enable opportunities for pupils to take on different roles within PE, to apply their knowledge of sport and PE and to develop social skills such as teamwork and resilience. Roles include leading a particular part of the lesson such as a warm up or officiating a small sided game.  

How will I be assessed?

The criteria for each strand is accompanied with descriptors to assess in all three areas of the Physical Education curriculum. This method of assessment allows for opportunities to assess in both practical and theory lessons.

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