AAL (Anytime Anywhere Learning Scheme)



As a Google reference school, all learners are encouraged to own their own chromebook.
Chromebook Options  

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In this option, you would privately purchase a Chromebook device from, for example, Currys, Argos etc.  The school requires a payment (currently £50) which pays for the licenses and software we install on devices.  This payment is included in the two options above and is a one-off payment made per device.  The device must be a Chromebook and we will not allow other devices (Windows laptops, iPads etc.) on our network.  The school does not provide insurance or warranty for any privately purchased device and we recommend you arrange for this yourself.

The licences and software

With each device we purchase licenses for:

  1. Google Management – this allows us to manage the Chromebook and make sure the apps and settings applied to it are suitable for educational use.
  2. Securly – this extension provides internet filtering while the device is used outside of the school to help ensure your daughter is safeguarded online.
  3. NetSupport DNA – this is another extension which enhances the internet safety of the device and monitors the device for inappropriate or harmful behaviour or content.

Queries or to purchase

Please contact aal@beautywithaerisk.com


To make a claim for accidental damage or warranty (manufactures’ defect) please fill out this form: Chromelink Claims

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